Multiple Views 1988-89

Large 30x40" Screen Colographs & Color Reduction Relief Prints

Screen Collograph print by Gisele Beaupre Multiple Views Series Carving the Plate

Monster/Angel Within
Screen Collograph

Colour Relief Print

Carving the Plate,
Colour Relief Print

Laptop, Colour Screen Collograph Print

Screen collograph print by Gisele Beaupre

Screen Collograph & cyannotype print by Gisele Beaupre

Screen Collograph


One Foot In
Screen Collograph

Hand Clasp
Screen Collograph & Cyanotype

Overviews: BFA - H | BFA-MFA -V | MFA - H | 1989 - 2019 - V | 1989 - 2019 - H

Comments: This series of 6 prints created from 1988-89 at the North Nassau Print studio in Winnipeg, MB, when I lived in the art studios at Artspace. It was a re-visitation of the earlier personal space and one-eyed woman theme. I also created a series of smaller drawings called the Parody series during this time.

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