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I am presently retired. I worked full-time for the Manitoba government as a web coordinator, for the past 17 years. Besides training in new media, my main background is in Fine arts, specifically printmaking...more.

I am métis and originally from Northern Manitoba...more.

I first noticed computers when I was completing my master's degree in Windsor, Ontario in 1986. Then in 1990 I took my printmaking students in Saskatoon to a professional printing venue and was impressed by what computers could do. In 1993 I was able to get funded to take a desktop publishing course, although I never worked in this field officially. Meanwhile, from 1993 to 1999, I was teaching as a sessional for Brandon University in the Aboriginal Art program for Colleen Cutschall...more.

In 1995, I was funded again to take a New Media course through Red River College. In 1999, I began working with the Department of Energy and Mines for the new NDP government of Manitoba...more.

Recently my research has gone into levels of truth I never expected to find ... beginning with the 9-11 event widely thought to be major false flag event, to trauma based mind control programming and how all of this affects our normal lives and the economy.

I am hoping us 90% can wake up to see what the 10% are planning, distracting us with entertainment, and are deceiving us with. It takes courage to see and embrace the truth though and some understanding of Self in a spiritual sense, which takes time, perhaps lifetimes...


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