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Personal space - early Bathtub Series One eyed woman series Symbol Print Series Colour viscosity print by Gisele Beaupre 1986
Personal Space

Bathtub, BFA One-eyed Women Symbol Prints Thesis Prints
New York paintings small oil on canvas 1986-87 by Gisele Beaupre Parody Series, 1989-90 Colour pastel on black painted acrylic paper 22x30” by Gisele Beaupre Multiple Views Series Double Bind Series Place Mats

New York Paintings

Parody Series,

Multiple Views

Double Bind
Place Mats
Shyam Interviews Flowers at the Pool Photo-Essays Travels BC Quick Overviews
Shyam Interviews Pool Photos Photo-Essays Travels Okanagan Explorations Quick Overviews


Summary of Art Practice: exploration on themes of identity, sexuality, and consciousness; in printmaking, painting & drawing, installation and digital media. Primarily using the figure; to create images based on imagination, memory, and my own body. The realization of the "inherent creative self" has expanded into a broader context, where in reality, there is no 'Other'; only a vast ocean of consciousness. My current interests involve the continued discovery of the multiple layers of truth in and about the omniverse we live in and co-create.

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