Collage Placemats, 1992-93

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Assemblage 1 Assemblage 1 Detail 1 Assemblage 1 Detail 2 Assemblage 1 Detail 3 Assemblage 1 Detail 4
Assemblage 1 detail 5 54 Larger image Assemblage 1 detail 5 54 Larger image image source
Assemblage 1 Detail 5 Assemblage 1 Detail 6 Assemblage 1 Detail 7 Assemblage 1
Detail 8
Assemblage 1 source image
Large and shiny laminated place mats 42 Larger Image 46 Larger image
Assemblage 2 Assemblage 2 Detail 1 Assemblage 2 Detail 2 Assemblage 2 Detail 3 Assemblage 2 Detail 4
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Assemblage 3 source image Assemblage 3 example Assemblage 4 source image Assemblage 4 example Misc arrangement of placemats
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Comments: It is important to not that these collages were made before computers were common.

This collage project was influenced by readings on quantum physics, vedant theory and practice. It is also a continuation of the concerns of my earlier works into the nature of identity and the true self. I got a lot of the photographs from national geographic and other magazines, along with my photographs etc.

The collage elements were embraced as a symbol of the multiplicity of the true Self; and identity is seen as indivisible from the total collective self, no matter what form, viewer or time period.

The images were created in a somewhat random way, to express the sublime, absoluteness, and the indivisible and unfathomable nature of life.

The food elements were stemming from a previous collage series touching on the concept that "you are what you eat", or to expand it more fully, "you are what you think".

Due to the copyright laws that govern the "real world", I have not attempted to market or show the 4 -6 larger pieces. One larger group of collages was shown in the Ace Art members show in 1992.

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