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Personal Space Series 1979-80

Personal space - early ersonal space 1980 Personal space viscosity print colour trial
Colour etching
à la poupée

15x20" = $200
ID # = GIB-01
Pastel & chalk drawing
on paper

22x30" = $500
ID # = GIB-02
Personal Space -
Colour viscosity etching

22x30" = $300
ID # = GIB-03
Personal space coloured etching on steel 1981 (multi-plate) Colour viscosity print 1981 by Gisele Beaupre personal space series Personal space viscosity print colour trial
Colour etching - multi-plate
22x30" = $300
ID # = GIB-04
Colour viscosity print
8 x 10" = $200
ID # = GIB-05
Viscosity print colour trial
22x30" = $300
ID # = GIB-06

Artist's Comments:

The firtst print (upper left hand corner) is one of the first prints I created using the personal space theme. The figure on the left is based on a drawing of me, and the figure on the right was taken from a drawing done in class of the nude model. The interior scene was based on the my apartment. This personal space theme was then expanded into the bathtub series, where I drew myself from memory using that same perspective, whereby the subjective and objective are merged into one vision.



Former Associates:
Doreen Beaupre

Contact: gbeaupre122@hotmail.com