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Double exposure photographs

Pool Photos

Judy in pool
Judy at the pool, 2005
Flowers at the Pool
Pool 4
Pool 5 Pool 6, 2005
Pool 6, 2005
Pool 1, 2005 Pool 2, 2005 Pool 3, 2005
Pool 4, 2005 Pool 5, 2005 Pool 6, 2005 Pool 7, 2012

Summer of 2005, I took the opportunity to use the pool in my condo unit in Scotswood (my third dwelling) as a backdrop for a series of photographics. Using a 35mm camera I took a first set of photos, then rolled the film back and started again, with another set of images overlaid on the other images. It was an interesting way to create simple collages or supposedly happy accidents....


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