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Shyamspace Interviews, 1994-95

During my first trip to India in 1994, I interviewed and photographed 30 Shyam meditators who were attending the International Meditation Institute in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India.

I exhibited these interviews at the Main Access Gallery as part of a group show call, "Icons: Manifestations of our Time", curated by Yvonne Zarnowski, in February 1995.

Created by Gisele Beaupre©


The Interviews

The Scandal

The Dark Side of Swami Shyam

Swami Shyam's Web Site

"Sex and the Celibate Swami", an article written by John Stackhouse on Swami Shyam, featured in Canada's Globe and Mail in March, 2001.


Open Letter to All Shyams

Gisele's letter Aug. 25, 2000

Jean Bouchard's letter

Marut's synopsis on the Shyam scandal


Resumé / CV


Student's Prints


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