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Shyam Interviews: Scandal

Open Letter to Shyam Space Friends

From Message #400 Shyamtruth email group, Oct. 9, 2000

Dear Shyam Space Friends,

We, the undersigned, write to you with love and compassion in our hearts and the welfare of all foremost in our minds. By now, there are many of you who are aware of the on-going dialogue on this side of the world, surrounding the allegations of sexual misconduct, as well as psychological and verbal abuse by Swami Shyam. While it is not the purpose of this letter to malign a man whom we have all loved and revered, we nevertheless wish to lay out in the attached document what we know of these allegations. We also wish to make you aware of our profound dismay and of our belief that certain actions are called for.

The veracity of this information has been substantiated to our satisfaction by direct contact with those involved. Some of these individuals are understandably reluctant to make public statements, but have shared their experiences with trusted personal friends.

This information has been discussed in depth on a private web site and email discussion group. If you wish to learn more about these issues or participate in the dialogue, you are most welcome to join the list at http://www.egroups.com/groups/shyamtruth.

Please note that some of those who have signed this document have concerns that have not been explicitly addressed by this letter and it is in no way intended to define the limits of future individual or collective action.

We remain your friends in the Self.

List of Signers

Dennis Allenger (Sri Kant), Canada
Suvayd Allenger (Suvayd), Canada
Gisele Beaupre, Canada
Ann Berger (Aykaagrataa), England
Jean Bouchart D'Orval, Canada
Andrea Burns (Adwaitaa), Canada
Lynne Cardinal (Sat Shakti), Canada
Jocelyne Cardinal (Suhkprya), Canada
Robert Chelini, Canada
Maurice Desautels (Marut), Canada
Mary Elford (Serv Priya), Canada
Karen Fernandes (Atma Kriti), Canada
Heidi Fjeld, Norway
John Fyfe (Sukhpal), Canada
Violaine Gagnon, Canada
Suzane Girard (Swabhava), Canada
Pierre Groulx (Praashant), Canada
Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Singapore
Lee Hunter (Pramod), Canada
Roma Konyk-Pastuck, Canada
Jette Raabo Larsen (Shri Devi), Denmark
Louis-Philippe Marineau, Canada
Iris Nowa, Canada
Dell O'Connor (Dayaluta), Nepal
Kim Orlando (Kiran), Canada
Louis-Philippe Perron (Leela Sheel), Canada
Shirley Podovinikoff (Vishwaatma), Canada
Jurgen Portz (Poornand), Canada
Heather Redekop, Canada
Jacob Risdal Otnes, (Jaageshvar), Norway
Gabriel Sims, Canada
Gerald Slakoff (Ager), United States
Christopher Steel, Canada
Jeremy Taffel, Canada
Lucie Therrien (Nilima), Canada
Claudine Viallon, Canada
Robert Vine, Canada
Faith Vine, Canada
Amy Wright (Shaashwat) United States

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