Personal Space Series


Untitled: Personal Space

Medium: Colour etching à la poupée

Printed at a local studio by Gisele

Date: 1979

Size: 11 x 15"

Price: $200.00

ID Number: GIB-01

Comments: This is one of the first prints I created using the personal space theme. The figure on the left is based on a drawing I did of myself, and the figure on the right was taken from a drawing done in class, of the nude model. The interior scene was based on my apartment. This personal space theme was then expanded into the bathtub series, where I drew myself from memory using that same perspective, whereby the subjective and objective are merged into one vision.

This emphasis on the viewer as a female is an important focus of my work. Typically the viewer had been commonly portrayed or suggested historically as male. Politically I felt that the viewer needs to be more represented as female or universally, consciously.

Created by Gisele Beaupre©