Artworks from 1989-2017 - Vertical

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This is a quick overview of my artworks from 1989 - 2017. After I left the Interlake Mobile Art Center, I was lucky to take residence at the Art Space live-in studio. I also rented a space at the North Nassau print studio one floor down, then subsequently rented a space at the Manitoba Printmaker's Association. From 1990-92 I was travelling and teaching at various locations. Once I returned to Manitoba in 1992, I lived in my studio for a year on Albert St. where I produced the placemat series. This series was influenced by my investigations into vedant philosophy and meditation. I went to India in 1994, and produced the Icon Show interviews. In 1995 and 1996 I was able to get training in web site development etc. and later got a job which took up a lot of time. I turned towards documenting my house buying and renovating projects, some website design for family and friends, some traveling but not as much concentrated art production given I was working full time.

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Photographs by Gisele Beaupre