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Print Series: Multiple Views

Carving the plate

Photo and print by Gisele Beaupre


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Title: Carving the plate

Medium: Color Relief Print using cut vinyl - Color Reductive process

Printed on Japanese paper and Arches paper

Printed at the North Nassau Studio, Wpg., MB. by Gisele Beaupre

Date: 1989

Size = 30 x 40"

Published on the Cover of:
The Canadian Journal of Native Studies Vol.13 No.1, 1993

Edition: 1 out of 4 Images printed on Japanese & Arches paper

The Relief series references the perspective of the one-eyed woman, created ten years earlier; whereby the viewer sees the female from inside the body form, as if looking through the woman's eyes. The viewer, the object viewed and the artist who created the image become one Seer.

The seer is and was considered to be the creator in my work. I believe there to be hope in the world if we know and realize this. However, the force of creation is very powerful, which is why self-knowledge is essential.

Created by Gisele Beaupre© 


Doreen Beaupre

Contact: gbeaupre@shaw.ca