Double Bind: The Process

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1) Sea Breeze 2) Surf & Turf 3) Rock the Boat 4) The Trickster 5) The Plates

After the decision to use my own body, once again, the next step in the process was to re-drew the intial pencil tracings, and then to create a sense of volume in the forms.

The drawing then was followed by determining how the process would affect the original drawing.

The screen collograph process is fairly tricky, and is difficult to determine how much acrylic layers are needed without printing it.

Most of the painting, planning and processing has to be done before the proofing starts.

Once the oily ink is applied to the plate it is more difficult to apply the acrylic medium to the plates.

The scale and the physical effort it took to prepare, draw, paint, ink and proof the plates was important to me at the time.

After the plates were printed, the next step was the problem of determining how to present and ship them. The solution I arrived at was to create a long wooden crate, with handles to put the copper tubing and all the other prints inside. It looked a bit like a slim coffin.

After I had sewn some of the prints together, along with the borders and tabs, then I considered how I would discuss them in my artistic statements - not my favourite part!

See Printmaking Terms for more technical details.

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