Double Bind: "Trickster" print

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Photo and print by Gisele Beaupre

Chronologically the last print in the series Double Bind.


Detail 1 top    detail 2 bottom

Process: This is a Screen Collograph print. (Also see definitions)

Printed on a large piece of canvas (60"x 80") in 2 parts, then sewn together.

Black color: black Intaglio ink.

Blue color: blue Intaglio ink.

All other colours: are acrylic paint.

There is a collage in the white area of a criss-cross texture. It is glued on with acrylic medium.

Canvas borders were machine sewn with tabs and metal half circles to hold the yellow plastic cord.

The yellow cord ties everything together onto the copper framework, suggesting nautical codes


This print is a quite different from the others in the series; here the figure engages the viewer which is above the scene - the artist/creator figure, seems to be interacting with the viewer while the second figure seemingly pregnant figure appears to be almost falling.

This is the only print whereby the figures actually have heads and bodies.

Many people who looked at the previous three prints were disturbed by the lack of heads and bodies. In response, I experimented and revised my format and created a more understandable and conventional style.

The title, "Trickster" has references to Native mythology.

Other Details

Whether or not audiences will actually fully participate in the process or roadmap I am providing, is not up to me personally. I offer my experiences, process and insights and you are free as the observer to do with it what you will.

So this step, was a small fraction of a much larger journey, it is illusary, fullfilling and all encompassing.

Good luck on your own journey.

Created by Gisele Beaupre ©