Double Bind: Influences & Symbols

Sea Breeze Surf & Turf Rock the boat

Sea Breeze

In this print the major influence was my previous bathtub series.

The bathtub has become boat, boat is a metaphor of the external body, water is symbolic of the world or collective unconscious.

Other influences would include artists such as the renaissance masters, romantics, the post expressionists etc.

Surf & Turf

Self alone is fine, the friction comes in when 'another self' enters the scene which is the basic setup for duality.

Here someone is tipping the boat, physically trying to unsettle the figure sitting in the boat. There is action yet the seated figure is not really falling or reacting.

I was interested in this tension between the two figures. I like how light the boat becomes. The figure in the red bathing suit almost seems to swing the boat like she has super human strength.

Rock the Boat

In this print there is action yet there is somewhat more cooperation between the figures. It reminds me of a children's see-saw, which is what I tried to recreate in the final presentation.

Although there is domination, submission suggested here there is also the possibility of suggesting the play between the higher and lower selves.

The Trickster

The title of this print was influenced by Native mythology.

At this time in my personal life I was making some key choices as to continuing to be an artist or becoming a mother. During this time I continuosly had 3 sisters or sisters in law who were pregnant.

So I chose to be dedicated to more philosophical matters instead. Perhaps that is why the pregnant figure seems to be dropping and the creator figure seems to be rising upward due to their positioning.

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