Double Bind: "Sea Breeze" print

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Sea Breeze with copper frame   

Chronologically the first print in the series Double Bind.  

Photo and print by Gisele Beaupre©


Medium: This is a Screen Collograph print.

Printed on a double-size cotton bed sheet (60"x 80") in 4 parts and then sewn together.

Black color: black Intaglio ink.

Blue color: a cyannotype process.

Yellow color: acrylic paint was sliptrailed onto the plate surface and the printed surface.

borders were machine sewn with tabs and metal half circles to hold the yellow plastic cord.

The sparkly material on the border was donated by my mother and has a shimmer to it suggesting water as well as metal.

The yellow cord ties everything together onto the copper framework, suggesting nautical codes.

Another view:

The Sea Breeze print coming out of the shipping crate


A single entity is sitting in a boat which is floating along peacefully. A euphoric state is implied and produced by pleasure, meditation, restfullness and memory.

The hot sun is above: suggested by the cyannotype process which is used to create the blue color of the water. Once exposed to sunlight, the fabric is rinsed with water, revealing a beautiful indigo blue colour.

The print itself is stretched onto the frame reminisent of stretched hide.

The copper pipes are referencing the Intaglio process - traditionally Intaglio is done in the form of etching on copper plates.

The reference to the copper plumbing has connotations with basic human processes and needs, modern ammenities, as well as witnessing the flow of life.

Other Details

Some have suggested the boat form is like an eye, or a leaf, which are both indications of being part of something larger than one's Self.

Pictorally there is also a sense of confusion because there is no whole body represented: it is seen more as a memory, or an abstraction.

The audience is actually being invited to participate in the process by picturing how I created it, observing the codes and metaphors and by identifying oneself as me; the creator within.

My objective was to compress, collide and unify the trinity of the observer, observed and observing into a state of silent, internal awareness within the observer.

A narrative is implied, as if something is about to happen.

Designed by Gisele Beaupre ©