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Skill Sets

Carpentry: basic level carpentry; building canvases; crates; frames; paper shelves etc..

Home Renovations: project management, drywalling, painting, furniture refinishing, sewing, basic lighting intallation, interior design, baseboards, window frames, cabinet creation, small furniture creation, landscaping and gardening.

Ceramics: Clay and glaze making, kiln firing; electric, propane, (Caternary & Dog) raku, throwing and handbuilding.

Visual Arts: exhibition installations and openings, photographing artworks, use of copy cameras, digital and 35mm photography (incl. film development).

Music and Yoga: singing verses from the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yog Darshan and other traditional Indian songs and scriptures, doing hath yoga poses for fitness and preparation for meditation..

Computer: Apple and PC platforms, Web design and project management, CD-ROM creation, familiar with most professional level graphics creation, web and desktop programs, as well as basic video and audio editing. Some experience with using 3D computer programs.

Business: grant application writing, organizational skills, bookeeping and small business tax preparation (Art Administration), event coordination, art sales and promotions.

Archiving: knowledge of archival materials, care and storage of artworks, and framing practices.

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