Photo Essays

First Home

Finding a Place:
My Home Ownership Journey

In 2001, after I put my ducks in a row, I started out on my home ownership journey. This is a documentation of the process of finding the right place to live and build my life.

Kelowna Area Outings - V

Life in the Okanagan

Currently I have retired and live in Vernon, BC and my projects are centered around my home and exploring the Okanagan.

NMAI Opening NYC 2008

Identity by Design Exhibition

Documentation of Travels  to Washington DC in 2007 & 2008, and to NYC in 2008 to attend the openings of the Identity by Design exhibits, National Museum of the American Indian. (NMAI)

Corcoran and American Art Museum Vertical

Gallery Visits - 2007 & 2008  

In Washington, DC, The Museums visited were the Asian, African, National Gallery, East Wing, the American and Folk Arts, the Renwick, Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, the Womens Art, and the Corcoran Gallery. In New York we visited the MOMA, and the MET.

Artworks from 1978-1988 - Horizontal

My Art Overviews from 1978-2017

Quick Overviews of my art production from my Fine Arts Programs (BFA - MFA) to artworks from 1989 to 2017.


I refer to these groups of photographs as "photo essays" mainly because they are primarily photographs and not a lot of text or explanation.

As Sheila Butler would say, "Art is long and life is short".

Photographs by Gisele Beaupre©