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Finding a Place

First Home Second Home Vernon Half-Duplex
First Home 2001-02
Greenwood Duplex
Third Home 2005
Scotswood Condo
Fifth Home 2006-2012
Vernon Half-Duplex
Second Home First Home Second Home

Second Home 2002 - 05
Furby Duplex

Fourth Property 2005
Kennedy Condo

Sixth Home 2007-2012
Bole House


Finding the right place for yourself to exist in a healthy way, is not easy. These are not palaces but places to invest in that suit my needs and my budget. It has been a journey of discovery and a lot of hard work...home equity it is called. I would rather have a large open studio space, with all the amenities of home but I haven't found it yet so I keep looking and keep hoping to win the lottery like everyone else!!!


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Finding a Place...

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Contact: gbeaupre@shaw.ca