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Student's Prints

Brandon University, 1998 and prior

Lita Fontaine, a former student in Drawing at U. of M. Thelma Nice, Relief Print, Brandon U., 1998 Claude Boulanger & Patsy Bercier, Relief print, Brandon U. 1998
Lita Fontaine,
University of Manitoba
(a student in Drawing) Lithograph, Untitled.
Thelma Nice,
"Prophecy of the White Buffalo" Relief Print, Brandon U. 1998
Claude Boulanger & Patsy Bercier
"Down but not Out",
A collaborative print,
Brandon U. 1998

University of Saskatchewan, 1990-91

Mary McKenzie, scren print from the U. of Sask., 1990-91 Jane Kenyon, screen print, U. of Sask. 1990-91 David Thoompson, Legacy of War, screen print, U. of Sask. 1990
Mary McKenzie
"New Ideas from old",
Screen print, U. of Sask. 1990-91
Jane Kenyon,
"Journey through microspace", Screen print, U. of Sask.
David K. Thompson
"Legacy of War",
Screen print, 1991 U. of Sask.

Brandon University, 2006

North - inking station Print room B.U. east wall - Print room at B.U. West wall - Print room B.U.
Brandon University, 2006
New Printmaking Course offered in water based inks
Brandon University Student prints, 2006
Brandon University, Student prints, 2006



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Student's Prints


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