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Finding a Place: Fifth House, Vernon Half-Duplex

The Dark Side of Renting The Dark Side of Renting 2 For Rent in 2011 For Rent in 2012
Dark Side #1 Dark Side #2 For Rent in 2011 For Rent in 2012


In 2006, my sister called to inform me of the opportunity to buy the other half of the half-duplex next to her. I had one day to decide. It was a bit of a gamble to deal with family, but so far its been reasonably good. My initial plan was for this to become my retirement home someday. In the meantime, my sister who lives next door, looks after it for me. It is an unusual property, very secluded and private. At the end of the long yard is a creek and land which is a bird sanctuary. I heard last week from my sister that there was a couger sighting. It is quite beautiful, shaded and cool during the hot summer months in the Okanagan.

Photographs by Gisele Beaupre


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