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Finding a Place: Greenwood

Interior: Before | Interior: After

First Home: 445 Greenwood Place, Wolseley
by Gisele Beaupre 2001-2

Artist's Comments

This was a nice house and a big project. Home ownership was a shock and provided a lot of new kinds of experiences, expenses and aesthetic concerns. The house looks big but inside were a lot of small rooms, except for the attic.

In one year, I renovated the attic with my brother in law, had the hardwood floors redone, I cut and installed all new baseboards, vinyl flooring, new window sills, made new curtains, had new carpets installed etc. Some of this was just to make the place liveable. I bought the house for 67,000, spent a lot of money on renovations, then sold it for $91,000 in 2001. Currently it would be worth well over 200,000. I sold it to two carpenters who had just renovated and sold a house they owned on the same street. It was a huge learning experience with regards to the home renovation field, interior design, perceptions, home staging and the real estate world. I had just begun my love affair with HGTV.

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