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Finding a Place: Furby Street:

Interior: Before | Interior: After | Exterior | Winter

Second Home

Second House: Fuby Street, with my dad (in his late 70's here) and my brother (50's) who helped me move in and start the initial renovations. Notice all the weeds, gravel walkway, etc. This was a great house but everyone was afraid of living on Furby street so it was difficult to find good tenants.

It's hard to believe this house was only 14 years old. It needed a lot of landscaping and flooring and painting. I also put in a new garage, which I loved. I had some regrets about selling this house but week after I moved someone was murdered on this street so I felt a bit more resolved with my decision.

This house was a much newer, more modern and open and closer to work. Yet another home renovation and learning project as well. I owned it for three years then sold it in 2005, moved out of the area and bought a condo in Charleswood and a half duplex in Vernon, BC. next to my sister. I met the person who bought the house from me by accident about 10 years later. She sold it 2 years back and bought a house in Lindenwoods. The person who bought it from her made it into a triplex, by developing the basement into a suite. Now why didn't I think of that?

Photograph, by Gisele Beaupre 2002

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