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Printmaking Definitions Page 3



An intaglio print or etching and printing demo
Screen Collograph and Process and the plates
Relief Printing
More Intaglio Definitions - dry point, engraving etc.
Cyannotypes: see link for more information.
cyanotype example
A cyanotype solution brushed on a xerox transfer monoprint by Gisele Beaupre

larger image

A cyannotype solution brushed onto fabric on a double blind print being exposed to light. Leaves and such were placed on top of the print.

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The Cyanotype process:

is a photographic process, often used by architects to make blueprints and other images that are a beautiful deep indigo blue colour. Two chemicals, Ammonium iron (III) citrate and Potassium ferricyanide are mixed together and brushed on paper or fabric and dried in the dark. Once dried and exposed to light, the surface turns shades of indigo blue. Objects, or photographic images can be placed on top of the surface while being exposed to light. When the amount of light exposure is achieved then it is set by rinsing in a bath of water.

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