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New Media

2016 Sharepoint 2010, beginner level, Manitoba Government training
2006 Dreamweaver, advanced level, Manitoba Government contractor
1996-97 Certificate, New Media Specialist, Red River College, Market Driven Training Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Course Summary: Planning and management, design and production of large interactive media projects: websites, kiosks and CD-ROMs using Macromedia Director, Photoshop, 3D programs, Adobe Illustrator and other new media programs on a Mac Platform. New Media Skills:
  • Project management: Project planning & creation, client interaction and other tools such as gaant charts, flow charts etc.
  • Advanced drawing & imaging: storyboards, manipulating and creating original images for new media, 3-D animations, and other animations.
  • Graphic design & layout: with knowledge of typography and design principles from fine arts and graphic arts perspectives.
  • Video and sound: digitizing, editing, and manipulating audio and video clips, movies, and script writing.
  • Multimedia authoring: Shockwave games, with beginning Lingo Programming
1992 Certificate, Desktop Publishing, Lazer-fare Media Services, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Six-months of full-time training with 8 weeks of work experience).
Course Summary:
Advanced graphic design, photo manipulation and editing, line art, text effects, page layout and colour, linear slide presentations, graphs and charts and Macintosh System management. Key programs were QuarkXpress, photoshop, illustrator and Pagemaker.
1989 Certificate, Photography and Reproduction Processes, Red River College, Wpg. MB
Course Summary: Training in copy cameras; manual & computerized camera operations, film processing and creation of negatives, prints & colour transparencies.

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1984-86 Masters of Fine Arts Degree, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Thesis: Printmaking; Intaglio, Relief and Lithography.
Assistantship Stipend and Graduate Award: Manitoba Arts Council
Art Histories: Eastern Art, History of Printmaking.
1986 Participant Award & Stipend, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta.
A 16-week spring/summer professional artists program, with professional visiting international artists. Medrie McPhee, a Canadian living and working in New York, was the program leader. Received a scholarship to attend the program, a grant from the Manitoba Arts Council, and a stipend for part-time work as a studio technician.
1977-82 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Thesis: Printmaking Minor: Drawing and Ceramics.
Art Histories: Baroque, Modern, Canadian, Inuit, and Art of the Film.

Other Areas of Interest: History of Printmaking and Ceramics, Aboriginal art, Post-modernism, East Indian Art, History of Photography and Art of the Film.
Other Courses: Psychology of Sex Differences, Child Psychology, and Archaeology.

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2011 3D Printing Workshop/Conference, with the makers of the Urbee car, the first printed car, and the Vechicle Technology Centre (Gov. of Manitoba), Winnipeg, Manitoba
1994 Video Workshop with Native artist, Zacchary Longboy. Born into the Dene tribe, in Churchill, Manitoba, Zaachary, was adopted by a family in Vancouver. In his adult life he began to search for the meaning of his identity; as an artist, and as a Native person living with Aids.
1992 Video Workshop with visiting artist, 2 day course on creating and producing a short video. Working in small groups.
1990-91 Dry Lithography with Photocopy Toners, Waterless Printing, & Electro-Etching, with Nik Semenoff, inventor and artist. Photo-Lithography and Pigments and Paint, with Nik Semenoff, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
1987 Screen Collographs, local commercial printmaking studio, New York, NY, U.S.A.
1985 Bookmaking with Dikko Faust, from New York City, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ont.
1984 Papermaking, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ont.
1989 Making a 3-d Print with Dan Dingler; plaster molds, paper and process, Manitoba Printmaker¹s Association, Wpg., MB.
Waterless Screen Printing, Manitoba Printmaker¹s Association, Wpg., MB.
1979 Paul Soldner, visiting ceramic artist from U.S.A, University of Manitoba, Wpg. MB.


1992 University and College Art Association Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois.
1991 Censorship Conference, Canadian Art History Association, Regina, Saskatchewan, featuring photographer, Evergon.
1988 Art and Audience, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1982-99 Attended Numerous Visiting Lecture Series, Fundraising events, exhibitions in Saskatoon, Halifax, Winnipeg, and Brandon.

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