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Community Activities

1990-2012 Life Coach for other visual and musical artists; web design, art productions, grants, publications, presentations, studio design and organization, one on one teaching in printmaking, drawing and ceramics.
2010 Donation of Art works, Fundraising, Aboriginal Art Institute, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1995-2005 Volunteer, Ace Art Inc., fundraising events, Winnipeg, MB.
2002 Volunteer, Ceramics, teaching young women how to throw pots, Villa Rosa, home for unwed mothers, Wpg., MB.
2000 Donation of Art works, Fundraising Exhibition, NDP Party, Wpg., MB.
1993-99 Donation of Art works, Annual Fundraising Exhibitions, Art Gallery of South Western Manitoba, Brandon , MB.
1996 Video Documentation, Beth Marten's performance, opening for Deepak Chopra's lecture at the Centennial Concert Hall.
1994-99 Donation of Art works, Annual Fundraising Exhibitions, Aboriginal Friendship Centre, Wpg., MB. Manitoba, Brandon , MB.
1995 Initiated the Art Talks Program, (Access Video visual arts promotion and talk show). Worked with Suzanne Gillies to research and plan the first series. She went on to complete the series and did a second set of 13 programs as well.
1992 & 93 Marushka Dolls, and Rocking Horse Invitational Fundraisers, Border Crossings Magazine, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Wpg., MB.
1992 Fundraising Committee, Ace Art Inc., Wpg., MB. (Volunteer)
1989 Donation of Art works, Fundraising Event, Manitoba Printmakers Association, Wpg., MB.
1988-89 Sec./Treasurer, Board of Directors, Visual Arts Manitoba, Wpg., MB.


1992 Reading Group, Mentoring Artist for Women’s Art, Wpg., MB.
Postmodernist Reading Group, Floating Gallery, Wpg., MB.

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